Thursday, December 3, 2009

We got Married at MAKAN BAKMIE

Because our bakmie stall at IMM Jurong means so much to us and our family,

Me and My husband/business partner/colleague decided to pay our stall a visit on our wedding day! 8 August 2009

This is us : Marcelly and Eu-Tjin. We visit the stall a few times a week, if you see us, say HI! =)

Hopefully one day, the small venture will become one beautiful story.

We hope that more people in Singapore ( Indonesians or not) will get to try a bit of our mom's home cooking that we love sooooooooooo much.

By the way, we're thinking of adding more dishes to the menu (related to bakmie one), what do you think?


  1. So happy to see you have found Love!!! Many happy days for you!

  2. Great to have you guys opening a stall selling Bakmie.. I really miss Bakmie very, very very much!!

    how about adding Siomay Bandung, Pempek Palembang, Taekwan, Ketoprak etc... teh botol..

    Great to have a shop selling all these at IMM cos its near where i stay.. hahaha

  3. hallo.. =) kita mau tambahin menunya tapi mungkin blm sampe siomay dan pempek sih.. =) soalnya kita expertnya di bakmie dan pangsit goreng.. mungkin nasi tim?? what do u think?...

    kalo teh botol /... sadly banquet ga kasi kita jualan minuman =(

    tapi thank u ya udah dateng.. and we r so glad u like it! we will welcome all feedbacks and always try to improve =)

    please come again =)