Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Pangsit has a NEW Recipe! TRY!

you may want to try it again!

Our CHEF (Dearest Mommy!) have done something different with the meaty bit =)

We included another secret ingredient, now it's softer and more savoury!

Come and TRY!

(We would most welcome feedback too)

Also, if you are fasting this month, why not break fast with BAKMIE?

See you at MAKAN BAKMIE soon!

PS: Our Yamien turns out to be a new favourite especially with the locals! Because it reminds them of the famous INDOMIE Goreng! =)


  1. Hi, I really like your Bakmie, but I got 1 small issue, the servings that you currently have is sometimes too small, esp for guys with bigger appetites and ordering 2 bowls is too much.

    Is it possible that you can include a larger version of said bakmie with added noodles? Thank you

  2. Hallo!!

    Thanks for your feedback.
    We are currently trying to work on this for the long term measure.

    But if you have such request now, our staff can temporarily serve you accordingly.

    Let them know =)

  3. Hi there, I found that your noodle is not the same as it used to be.. I prefer the earlier version. Pls consider. Tx~

  4. Hello!

    Tried the bakmie ayam yesterday. It was great!:D
    However, agree with the issue of the small portion served.
    Please do consider the suggestion to have more noodle served in each yummy bowl?
    Thanks alot.

  5. Dear friends of Bakmie!

    First of all, thanks for dropping by our stall..

    Now you can have extra bakmie for $1.10 (only extra noodle, no extra chicken or veg)

    This will be the double portion bakmie.

    As for our bakmie recipe. We actually didnt change the recipe. But perhaps we need more consistency in terms of (how long we cooked it, how soft, how chewy).

    If you like if softer, do let our staff know, if you like it chewier than normal, do let our staff know too =)

    We will try our best to be more and more consistent in the near future as the bakmie is supposed to taste the same each time =)

    Thank you again and we will continue to serve you better.

    See you soon!