Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Bakmie Companiments - What are They?

As you can see, eating bakmie on its own is a little lonely.

Hence, we bring to you, bakmie's good friends. to choose from

Let me introduce one by one.

1. Pangsit Goreng (Fried Indonesian Dumpling):

Yum Yum!!!

A classic Favourite back in Indo, here's Fried Indonesian Dumpling.

Huge, Crispy and addictive.

It comes with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Must try!

Some of us totally fall in love with the sweet and sour sauce.

So some prefer to drip it all over the pangsit.

Can you resist??

2. Pangsit Rebus (Boiled Indonesian Dumpling)

Similar but not quite the same.
For the wanton lovers and the oil-conscious, the boiled one may tickle your fancy.

Soft, yet chewy and savoury in the middle.
The fragrance of sesame oil burst in your mouth with each bite.

3. Bakso Ikan (Fish Ball).

Bouncy and fresh.

Fish balls may brighten up your day.

4 & 5. Bakso Sapi (Beef Balls)

BAKSO? Hmm...
Goes a loooong way back where they sell bakso in the push carts back home.

Always makes us Indons feel closer to home.

It comes both boiled and fried and each may interest you on different days.The boiled one is more traditional and an all-time favourtie.

The fried one is saltier and a tad more sinful yet exciting..

6. Chicken Katsu

This is a little new.

A little exciting too.

Mommy thought of it a while back and it was a hit amongst the visitors.

Say Hi to a new friend from Japan!

Katsu with your bakmie? Why not?

This is a must try too!

So, remember to choose your bakmie's friends when you visit us!