Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You mean Bakmie is not our BEST SELLER?

More often than not.

A couple of chirpy Indonesians come to our stall and order:
"One Bakmie Pangsit Goreng with Bakso, please"

But, what's amazing is, after 10 mins, they come and say :
"Can I have 6 more Pangsit Goreng on its own please?"

To top it all, before they go home:
"Can you help take away bakmie with another 6 Pangsit Goreng please?"

(Pangsit Goreng : Fried Indonesian Dumplings)

Walauwee..so good ah?

If you are not having cough or sorethroat, you may want to try the Pangsit Goreng.

Don't forget it's Authentic Sweet and Sour dipping sauce too!

However, if you come after busy lunch hours, sometimes, the Pangsit Goreng may not be as crunchy anymore. So, we are trying to fry every hourly and pace it instead.

Let us know your feedback..

See you at MAKAN BAKMIE!


  1. is your place halal?

  2. HI! Yup.. it is halal. It's in a halal foodcourt as well. Thanks!

  3. word of advice: buy a dSLR. or borrow one. your photos will look WAY better.

  4. hmm ... they look like dSLR photos to me

  5. wah kyny enak nih :D cobain ah, jarang2 ada bakmie di singapur :) tp jauh bgt ya mas di JE? :S

  6. Besok mau ke Jurong ah, mau makan bakmie..

  7. Besok mau ke Jurong ah, makan bakmie..
    Ngga bakalan buka di deket2 Ang Mo Kio ya?

  8. halo nico... iya masih jauh.. tapi nanti kalau laku.. kita buka cabang lagi deh yah yg lebih central makanya support donks =).. hehe.. coba aja dulu.. kalo enak bs dtg lg =).. thank u nicooo

    wili: hehehe amk ya.. hmmm maybe next time?
    skrg ke jurong dulu. hehe.. masih lebih deket dari makan bakmie ke jkt kan? =)

    thanks guys for the support!! So many Indonesians keep coming to our stall, we are very grateful.. hopefully u guys like it.. any feedback do email me!!

  9. wow.. this is only 10 mins bus ride from my house!! akhirnya... besok cobain ah...